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No Cavities

Dentist appointments. No need to get too stressed, right? After all there are worse things than the possibility of cavities. Public humiliation for example.

The normally quiet teenager decides today is the day to get chatty with the Dental Hygienist. Today the teen was angry and it showed. Cute little blond decides to ask the teenager what’s wrong. I’m sure she was so very sorry she did. Because guts were spilled, no holds barred. I’m as equally sure that the employee break room at that dental office was the place to be for some good, patient confidentiality breaching conversation.

I won’t be giving details, so unless you happened to be getting your teeth cleaned in the next room, you’re just going to have to wonder. But it was pretty major.

I ask (seething, gritting teeth), “WHAT were you thinking?”  The response (cool as a cucumber), “You said I should talk to someone.”  Yes…I did.   I said next time someone we barely know asks, please just say you are fine! “You want me to lie?”  Yes…I do.

On the way home, I’m still fogged with disbelief and becoming crazed by the backseat noise of children arguing. I’m planning my escape, debating the pros and cons of different scenarios. Just drop them off at home and back out of the driveway before they realize what’s happening? Take a more long-term approach and sell all I own, then drive off into the sunset?

While those thoughts are going through my head, I pulled up to the drive through window at the bank.

Teller: “Good afternoon. How are you today?”

Me: “I’m fine, thank you…and you?” (In my best ‘exchanging pleasantries with strangers’ voice.)

I glared at the teenager in the rearview mirror and growled, “Now that’s how it’s done!” There was eye rolling and sighing…from both of us.

Not sure which of us learned the lesson today.


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