Open Letter to the Narcissist

Just want to get a few things off my chest. You don’t need to respond. In fact, I don’t want you to respond.

I’m not perfect, but I loved you, I trusted you. I made some major life decisions based on what you said you would do and the person I wanted to believed you were.
I ignored every red flag. I pushed my gut feelings aside, I couldn’t admit I was wrong about you. I refused to face the fact that I was being lied to and used.
I’m embarrassed and disappointed in myself as I write this now.

When someone continually accuses another of cheating, lying, manipulating…whatever the focus, whatever the fault; they are projecting their own behaviors. They are voicing their own insecurities.
I know this is true. I’ve always known. I turned a blind eye to it all.

You can go on manipulating women. You can believe your own twisted version of reality.
Tell your story of how you showed me nothing but love, how you were loyal & faithful and I’m the bad guy.

I’m sure someone will believe your lies again.
They will try to love you, just like I did. They will try the impossible..to ever be good enough.
They will sympathize about all your “crazy” exes, until they become one too.

One day, I hope you are able to face yourself for who you are…that you can be honest with yourself and realize the damage you’ve done, not just to me or those before me but the damage you have done to your own soul.


4 comments on “Open Letter to the Narcissist

  1. This letter would only benefit you. It would only be getting it “off your chest” the Narcissist would not get any if it because he/she can’t…you might as well send it to yourself ..actually to send a letter like this to a Narcissist would only stroke the ego and would in their twisted mind accomplish exactly what was set out to do in the first place. Take back your life and your own mind and soul and if the narcusdist may never have confirmation that he /she did these awful things to you..


    • Kathy..exactly why I don’t expect or need a response. This will most likely never be seen and you’re right, definitely never understood, by the person who inspired it. I would
      never try to have this conversation with them. Just feels good to get the words out.


  2. It was clear to me as I read it that you intended this as an “Things I Would Say to the Narcissist if it Would Serve Any Healthful Purpose”. I found it validating. I’m at the very early stages–educating myself, still hanging on, grieving over his destruction and self-perpetual misery–so I thank you. I’ve just found and subscribed to your blog.


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