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How to Cultivate a Relationship Like a Bitch, I mean Boss (Why I haven’t lived with a man for 20 years.)

It’s Sunday Confessions time over at More than Cheese and Beer. The prompt this week is Cultivate and this is my contribution. 

First let me say, I have nothing against men. I love men. 
I’ve always wanted one. 
Since I had been in an abusive relationship, I was a little apprehensive to start over. I waited 5 years before I even thought about dating.
I had concerns and questions regarding the prospect of living with a new man.
Where do you find a good one?

Can they be crate trained?
(Was that wrong?)

And of course, how would my oversized baggage be accepted?

Turns out, anything more than your standard carry on, is not well received. 

Over these long years, I’ve looked and longed for the perfect roommate.
I’ve attempted to cultivate my relationship skills. I’ve made an effort to acquire the couple mentality, while still maintaining my own mind. I’ve compromised and adjusted. The whole give-and-take thing, I did it.
I’ve tried to be nice.
Or have I?
Here’s where the confession part comes in.
I have commitment issues, or as I prefer to call them…standards. High ones.
I raised the standard for my potential housemate to a level that was nearly unattainable.
I have been alone far too long to compromise.
That may sound unreasonable, but I’m not talking about those little day-to-day disagreements. Who really cares which way the toilet paper goes?
I’m talking about compromising my basic self, my integrity or my family values.

Not happening.
My children and grandchildren are a major part of my life.

My career goals and life choices are mine to make, even the bad ones.
What man wants a woman who shirks family and career responsibilities anyway? What man wants a woman who doesn’t express herself or speak her mind?
Not mine.
The best way to cultivate a relationship like a boss, know who you are, what you want and don’t settle for less.


More than Cheese and Beer

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One comment on “How to Cultivate a Relationship Like a Bitch, I mean Boss (Why I haven’t lived with a man for 20 years.)

  1. Great thoughts. Settling for less would be unlikely to lead to happiness is it goes against your morals or ingrained ideas of normal.


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