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Closure is Overrated

You know when you’re feeling stressed and confused and you know you’re going to say too much or the wrong thing but you open up anyway because you want to be honest and it all backfires and then you feel even worse plus you’re mad at yourself for breaking your own code of silence by saying things people don’t understand or want to hear and then you can’t stop rambling on about it to yourself in your head and writing run on sentences?

Yeah…that just happened.

…and then I continue to text.

Because it wasn’t enough to torture just myself by ruminating and so I felt the need to share the scattered thoughts that ran the full gamut from “I love you” to “fuck you” and all the things in between and I frantically pounded them out on my keypad through anger and tears with the hope and meaning to explain and clarify but reaching no other end then to unequivocally confirm my emotional instability.

Just in case there was any doubt.


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