Life Skills: Fail

Closure is Overrated

You know when you’re feeling stressed and confused and you know you’re going to say too much or the wrong thing but you open up anyway because you want to be honest and it all backfires and then you feel even worse plus you’re mad at yourself for breaking your own code of silence by […]

Apathy and Small Talk Don’t Mix

Listening to someone talk, someone that I have nothing in common with, and it hurts. I feel mean and selfish right now, but I just don’t care about this conversation. I’m thinking about what I should say, what she may want to hear. I’m thinking about catching up on reading something I am interested in, […]

What’s John Legend Got To Do With It?

I had a mini meltdown yesterday. Sometimes it seems the harder I try to take things in stride, the more overwhelmed I get. I was running late for an important meeting. Thinking about a million other things while driving. Switching radio stations trying to find something to distract me. Nothing. I want to like John […]


I always believed we learn and grow as we live our lives. Our mistakes would humble us & teach us what not to do again. Our triumphs would build us up. Together the bad and the good would balance us and bring us peace. But I’m just not feeling it. It’s as though I never […]

Open Letter to the Narcissist

Just want to get a few things off my chest. You don’t need to respond. In fact, I don’t want you to respond. I’m not perfect, but I loved you, I trusted you. I made some major life decisions based on what you said you would do and the person I wanted to believed you […]

Stop This Train

“That’s just history.” Someone said that to me recently. Yes it is, but it’s history that brought us to where we are. It’s painful and sad history that keeps repeating itself. In daily life and ongoing nightmares, that allow my mind no rest; even in sleep. It’s history and current events at the same time. […]

Thanks for the Memories

I’m trying so hard to pull myself up out of the dregs of depression. It always seems the more I try to focus on positive thoughts, the more external forces join together to turn my attention to the negative. I allow them in, internalize them and beat myself up all over again. The past two […]

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