Ashes In My Coffee, Whiskey In My Tea

Ashes in my coffee  I’ll drink it anyway No time to make another  Already hate this day Alarm didn’t wake me Running late and then The dog ate my breakfast Slowly count to ten Trip down the stairs Drop the phone, stub my toe Straight back to bed  Is where I want to go  Morning […]

Let Me Be Random

Let me be random. I talk about nonsense. In detail. I like trivia. Sometimes I need to be quiet, sometimes I need you to be. I have quirks and habits. If they don’t hurt you, Let me keep them. They’re mine, you have your own. Let me and my coffee have our alone time. It’s […]


Inspired to try my hand at something sweet ❤ That sense of warmth When we touch The refuge I feel in your arms Safe and not alone The sleep that comes so easy Lying next to you Feeling your life, your being In every breath As though it were my own Your soul Gently embracing […]

Mistakes Misunderstandings & Mayhem

Chronically misunderstood, my curse or just my poor delivery? What if I could always be radiant Pass through the darkness And still shine my own light Find comfort in my own flesh In my own thoughts be safe No fear of confusion Knowing just what to say But then, I’m only human Reasons, excuses weaken […]

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