History Repeats 

Sometimes it sucks being a parent.  So much responsibility. So much pressure to do the right thing.  Not ever feeling that I am doing anything close to right.  It sucks even more, the second time around. Raising grandchildren is tough.  Looking into their eyes and seeing their confusion. Feeling their pain.  Trying to act like […]

Playing Hooky 

“I need a day off.” The Six Year Old says, in her angry voice, only minutes after coming downstairs this morning.  “Okay”, I was quick to answer.  I can tell this isn’t going to be a good day. I need to attempt to ward off a mental and emotion disaster today.  I need a day […]

Letter to My Teenage Self 

Dear Teenage Self, We need to talk. There is so much I want to tell you, but I’ll keep this short and as sweet as I’m able.  Smile. You’re beautiful.  Take care of yourself. Exercise. Stop consuming enough food to feed a family of four. Eat more than your parakeet.  Eating disorders suck.  Always remember […]

Who Doesn’t Like Free Stuff – Giveaway

I’m having a real live giveaway here on One Valium at a Time! No, your can’t win any anti-anxiety meds. You’ll have to get those the legal way. What you can win is this amazing coffee mug from National Etching. As you probably guessed by their name, they have more than just sassy mugs. They […]

Let Me Be Random

Let me be random. I talk about nonsense. In detail. I like trivia. Sometimes I need to be quiet, sometimes I need you to be. I have quirks and habits. If they don’t hurt you, Let me keep them. They’re mine, you have your own. Let me and my coffee have our alone time. It’s […]

15 Things That Will Make You Say “So What” (or What I Did Last Night)

1 Watched all things Jerry Seinfeld on YouTube and wondering just what it is about his voice that mesmerizes me. 2 Made a chart documenting my hot flashes; time, length, severity, activity… 3 Vowed to redo my work schedule to accommodate me and not everyone else. (Phrases to be eliminated: “Sure, I’ll switch my shift […]

Good Times, Bad Times

I had an especially rough weekend, not feeling well, I missed work last night (well, I didn’t “miss” it, but I didn’t go). I hate the control my mind has over me. Debilitating sadness comes from the slightest things sometimes. An argument with a family member, a disappointment. Even a positive change toward a better […]

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